The Fraudulent Reader


In one of our earlier posts, I wrote about my reading habits. This post is like an extension of that- a sequel, if you will (heh). I like to think of myself as a reader, but every time I say/think that, I feel a pang of guilt followed by “am I really?”. I see other people who I consider “real readers” and I don’t think I am anywhere close to being called one. I mean, people are reading 100+ books a year and I am noooowhere close to that.

See, I truly enjoy reading. I enjoy a compelling story line, I love being transported into a fictional world with fictional characters. Sometimes, in a world I can see myself living in and sometimes, in a world that would be a fantasy in my mind. I love a good handle on words especially in the form of quotes I find myself deeply relating to. I always have to have a book on hand at all times. In spite of this, I find my reading “impostor syndrome” kick in, in certain scenarios.

For one, when people get this dream like tone when talking about pages of books, loving the feel and the smell. Or when they say they feel sad when a good book is about to end. Nope not me. I don’t have any of these feelings. I don’t even buy books or have a desire to own them. Wouldn’t a true reader have authors they stan for and want to support by buying their books? People have books they say they reread because they love how it makes them feel. I don’t think I can recall any book I have reread more than once except maybe The Diary of Anne Frank (really love this book)  and I have no inclination to, as there are so many new books out there that I’d love to sink my teeth into.

I’ve seen people say how they take notes and highlight lines from books they read. I often wonder what they do with those notes especially since they read a lot there must be LOTS of notes to go back to. As you may have guessed, I don’t do this either. In more recent times, I have read more books I liked than books I loved. This could be seen as more of my fault based on my book choices but I try to read books that make year end lists and critically acclaimed and yea, not a lot fall in my love lists.

I remember traveling by road with some friends back in college and hearing sniffles from the back seat. I turned around to see my friend in tears. At the time, she was reading Terry McMillan’s “A Day Late and a Dollar Short”. I’ve never been moved to tears by a book. I am always taken aback when people mention a book has made them cry. Like, my brain can comprehend it for a movie or TV show but for books I think it’s different and it makes me wonder if I am missing that reader instinct yet again.

Overall, just like life itself there probably isn’t one way to be as a reader. We are all entitled to enjoy things the way we see fit so maybe I am just being dramatic about it all. I promise I do love reading! I just wonder a bit when I encounter other people with different reader characteristics than I do.


*Leggy sidebar*

[I literally laughed out loud when I saw this post. Girl please, you’re always in the middle of a book or reading about books. You send me so many articles about books you think I would like. When you travel, you queue up audio books to listen to on your trip.

I never reread books, in fact, the only books I reread are the Harry Potter books. Reading is not a number games – it’s not the number of books you read but how consistent you are in doing the reading and I hope our blog is a safe place that people come to be whatever kind of reader that they are and enjoy whatever type of book that they enjoy. Wow, that got preachy really fast]

What do you guys think? What are some things you consider a “fraudulent” reader characteristic that you have?

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