Some of My Reading Habits

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Mulling over our reading goals for the year had me thinking about how I seem like an unserious student while Leggy is the better focused student. Although I didn’t have any focused goals for the year, I dug deep to think of some reading/book related habits that I have since I like to consider myself an “avid reader”.

Come on in and lean closer let me share them with you:

  • I don’t buy books: When I met Leggy, this young lady would tell me about books she was buying and I would be aghast and wonder how much she was spending. I don’t believe in buying books because I’d be broke. Every now and then I look up a book and I can’t even bring myself to pay $14.99 for a book. Might consider it if it’s a title I really want to read – as long as it’s under $5. The last few book purchases I have made have been via gift cards.
  • Do not read books twice: Besides being a cheapo cheap ass, I also don’t buy books because I do not read books twice. I totally get people loving a book and going back to read it to relive the feeling they had or connect with the words on the page but not I. Thinking in that line, why would I buy a book that I’d never touch or glance at again?
  • Avid library user: Continuing with the two points above, this is where my library habit rears its head. My books come from the library. I am a registered and avid user and would donate money if need be. Libraries are one of the most under utilized amenities that we have that is a huge blessing. What a resource! My library is so good that if they don’t have a book in stock, I can recommend it and I will have it within a week. So convenient. Leggy come tell the people how I changed your life:

(lol. I actually do not buy books anymore because of Taynement. I might buy the occasional book because of audible or a book subscription service that I have, but I do not remember the last time I went to Amazon or Barnes & Nobles and purchased a book that wasn’t a Cook Book. Use your library people! I can’t count the number of people who I’ve encouraged to sign up at their library because of Tayne. It has saved me a shit ton of money and I literally do not understand how I bought those many books as a student. I rarely even reread books!! So yeah, this is  the story all about how Taynement changed my life.                                                                                                                                                               – Leggy

(You’re welcome)

  • Strictly E-books: Yep. I feel like a fraud because I honestly don’t have these strong emotional feelings such as when people say “I don’t want this book to end, I am so sad”. For me, there are so many more great books to explore that I can’t wait to start another, no time for sadness. Same goes for when people say they love the smell of books and the feel of turning pages. All great and romantic but not for this girl. Gimme an e-book anytime, any day. It feels so awkward to have a physical book in my hands, I don’t think I know how to hold and turn page and function. Okay that’s a bit dramatic but yea gimme the feel of a tablet any day. I think I read faster that way also.
  • Audiobooks: I shunned audio books for the longest time and my friend tried to get me on it and I kept ignoring her. I finally tried it with my first ever being a self-help book and it wasn’t so bad. I tried with fiction and while I’d zone out some, I finally got used to it. Here’s the caveat. I only do audio books in my car while I am driving (way too much TV to watch when I am home), so it usually takes me a bit longer to get through because I don’t have a long commute unless I have to take a long distance trip. If you have been iffy about it, I recommend giving it a shot. They are particularly good for celeb bios especially when they read their own books

I don’t want to keep you guys any longer than you should be but those are a few of my reading habits. A little bonus habit is how I sneak in a bit of reading while watching TV, depending on the show. Some shows are “ear TV” and don’t necessarily require full attention so I am able to get some pages in.

What do you guys think? Relate to any of them? What are some of your reading habits that you’d like to share.

7 thoughts on “Some of My Reading Habits”

  1. I adore libraries as well! I never see other bloggers mention or say they’ve borrowed a book rather than bought it, and truly, most of my books are rented from the library, or I buy them from the price-is-donation box ❤


  2. I relate to all your habits lol. I normally get my books from my husband. My library when I had a nook which I think was 2 states ago. Right now trying to utilize my library more but it never has titles and I am on wait list for ever it seems. Anyhow I have bought some books from Amazon but I am a member of the unlimited Kindle so a monthly fee if 9.99 and sometimes I get titles that are $5ish or less. But yeah right now price is holding me from reading the new Lisa Wingate book and I am salty about it lol. I think the only thing I do which you didn’t list is that I love to read while eating which is not good and I read during TV show commercials as an alternative to fast forwarding.


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