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End of Year Housekeeping: We Want Your Feedback!

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It’s been a year since we started this blog and we hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as we have enjoyed writing it. It’s been a labor of love, library runs and book acquisitions this past year. Also, a learning process for us, as we try to build an audience and make a space on the internet for ourselves and our love for reading.

We want to always check in with you guys to make sure we are giving you the best we can on this blog. As this is our last post of the year, we are using this opportunity to give you guys a chance to let us know what you would like to see from us next year.

Are there any particular type of reviews you would like?

If we started a book club would you participate and how would you like us to conduct it? Via twitter? or comment sections? How often would you like to have it?

How can we make our posts more interactive? What would make you more likely to leave a comment?

How can we improve our social media presence? Is there something you’d like to see on our instagram or twitter that we are not doing now? (please follow us on instagram @nightstands2 and twitter @2nightstands and tell a friend to tell a friend)

Any personal questions you’d like to know about us? Get to know us as bloggers!

Let us know in the comments because we want this blog to be your go-to destination to express your love for books and your feedback will help us build a better community of like minded people.

Thank you!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Hope you guys come back next year for a wonderful year of all things books!

P.S We were a little disappointed that no one shared their best and worst books of the year 😦 We were looking forward to seeing what everyone else thought and also adding to our TBR lists. So if you so feel inclined, it’s never too late to let us know 😀

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4 thoughts on “End of Year Housekeeping: We Want Your Feedback!”

  1. I would participate in a book club! I think it’s a great way to engage your followers. I’m baiased towards twitter, it’s where I started following you ladies and I think it’s easy to use. I’ll admit, I can be lazy and it takes a few extra steps to leave a comment on a blog post but with twitter, with a 1 or 2 clicks, I can share a post with a comment. One book every month is a decent frequency.

    I live a nomadic lifestyle and for most of this year, my local library was in a small town. They didn’t have a lot of the books you reviewed. But, anytime I saw a review I really liked and recommended the book to the library, they purchased it 2-5 weeks. So for me to take full advantage of the book club, it would be nice to give a list of all the books way in advance. That way, I can make arrangements to get a copy of the book in time for the reading it with everyone else.

    I like your IG page. It inspired me to get a copy of Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook. I find if I’m looking for information, your twitter page is my first stop and then IG and then the blog. It’s probably just telling of my personal preference. Now that i’m on the blog, it’s not difficult to navigate. I’ll probably come here more.

    Thank you for all you do! I defeinitelt appreciate it. Happy New Year Ladies 😊


  2. I don’t have much feedback except to say I enjoyed the blog. I don’t know if I would join a book club. It sounds like homework but at the same time I have never been in one. Opening your IG account was a good move. I hope to share more if your posts on my social media as well. Good luck and thanks for what you do. My fav books of the year was beartown and the lost khaki girls. My worst book was probably freshwater.


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