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SOS! Reader’s Block!

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Earlier in the year, I told you guys how I was having reader’s misfortune in that, I was just unimpressed with the books I had been reading. My fortune changed and I have now read a few books I liked but now I have encountered the worst of the worst – Reader’s block!

There’s two months left in the year and I have no desire to read anything anymore. I am bogged down with reader’s fatigue (I could be misdiagnosing myself). On a regular schedule, I am usually reading a book and listening to an audio book. Now, every time I pick up a book, I want to drop it and read a magazine instead and when I hit play on an audio book, I’d rather be listening to music or one of my many podcasts.

I have gone through this in the past and honestly there has not been any quick fire cure to it. I just stop reading till I feel like reading again. I think the difference this time is the blog. I feel like it adds a level of guilt like I should be reading more to have more inspiration for material.

Usually when you mention a block to people, they automatically assume the cause is the current material and finding the right book will solve the issue. I know the cause of my block has been life and its interference and it is more of a mental thing especially since I actually like the book I had started when I got struck.

My Goodreads challenge number isn’t even high but as it stands I am 4 books behind – wah! That being said, the year is not over and 2 months is a long time so all hope is not lost yet! Do you ever face reader’s block? How do you get past the hump?



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  1. How to get rid of reader’s block? Well my surefire responses are reading a book from a different author and listening to music and avoiding reading altogether unless it’s for work

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