Our 2022 Reading Goals


Happy new Year! I hope you had an amazing holiday because I did! I got to go back to Nigeria after 8 years and I had so much fun! Woah, lots of exclamation marks but that’s how I feel. How was your reading life in 2020? Mine struggled a lot, I usually hit my 70 books goal before December and then just coast for the rest of the year. But that was not the case for me, I had to read 6 books in 5 days to hit my goal. I did it though! 71 books in 2021. This is exactly why I set reading goals, I think anything worth doing is worth being intentional about plus I’m competitive – if I see that comment on Goodreads telling me “you’re behind!” I get the urge to catch up.

This year will be exactly the same for me reading goals wise. I’ve already set my Goodreads challenge to the usual 70 books number. I also want to be more consistent with the content for the blog because I slacked off majorly last year and I’m so grateful I’m doing this with Tayne because she’s the one who has kept me going. If I had attempted this on my own, I would not still be going. So, thanks Tayne!

Otherwise, I really like my reading life how it is. I already read diversely. so hopefully I find books I really enjoy this year.


Last year was yet another disappointing reading year for me. I read a lot of okay books but not a lot of great books. It truly has been a while since I read a book that gave me goosebumps. I still haven’t determined if it’s a me thing or the general state of writing but thankfully it hasn’t changed my love of reading, so continue to read I shall.

Like Leggy, I don’t change my number from year to year. It’s always at 35. Didn’t hit it last year (30) because I was so busy and disappointment after each book made me lose motivation. It wasn’t all bad because I kept my goal of reading back titles and finally read Silver Sparrow! My authors were diverse last year and 13 of my 30 reads were my black women authors and that made me happy.

This year, I would like to continue that. I don’t read across genres as much as Leggy does but I want my authors to be diverse. Reading Detransition, Baby by a trans author was an experience because it took me into a world I had no experience with at all and that’s a good thing. I really enjoy memoirs and didn’t read a lot of them last year, I hope to get back to that this year.

Above all else, I just want to enjoy my reads. We say this every year – the number goals are a guideline and not a hard fast rule. I hope I read books that make me tingle and who knows – is this the year I read 1 or 2 fantasy books and make Leggy’s day? Stay tuned.

Happy new [reading] year, everyone. Let us know what goals you have for your reading in the comments (We really do like hearing from you guys!!)

Taynement & Leggy

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