We Chit Chat – The Wreckage of my Presence by Casey Wilson

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Taynement: Hi, Leggy. Why does it always take us this long to do this? We really should do this more often.

Leggy: I know! We’re just always reading different things.

Taynement: Our book of choice for this Chit Chat is different from our past choices. What made you read this?

Leggy: I really like Casey Wilson. I listen to her Bitch Sesh podcast, that’s why I read it. I didn’t know it was a collection of essays, thought it was a memoir.

Taynement: Same here. I’ve listened to her podcast for years now and for those who don’t know, it’s a podcast that talks about the Housewives franchise. She did heavy promo on there and my curiosity was piqued enough to want to read it. I thought it was a memoir too and the essays were an interesting way to talk about her life. What did you think of the book?

Leggy: I loved it. I’ve listened to it in its entirety, 4 times. I loved Casey’s narration. The first time I listened to it, I gave it 3 stars but upon subsequent listens, I upgraded it to 4 stars.

Taynement: Wow, 4 times? That’s impressive. I liked it enough but I don’t know that I loved it. Mostly because I don’t know that I learned many new things. It felt like listening to a collection of the intro stories from her podcast.

Leggy: I just really enjoyed her narration. I also quite enjoyed hearing a celebrity have a normal home life where they actually like their family. I can also see the intro stories part. I quite enjoy the intro stories so maybe this book was especially made for me.

Taynement: As a former SNL cast member, I fully expected her narration to be top notch. Also, I meant the intro stories she has shared before on her podcast.

Leggy: I didn’t know she used to be on SNL.

Taynement: Yep, she was. She talks a lot about her one season before getting fired. What were your favorite stories?

Leggy: The one about how she loves her husband more (My Husband’s Just Not that into Me; or, Afrin: A Love Story) and the one about her child’s gluten allergy (What Dis). You?

Taynement: Ah, I remember her child’s allergy issues – that was another story that I had followed via the podcast. I can’t think of one particular story but what I enjoyed the most was hearing about her mum when she was alive. To explain, she started the podcast after her mom passed so most of what we hear of her is as of her as a dead person. Hearing stories of her alive as a living breathing person was refreshing and I thought it was a pretty cool way to remember her mom. It will always be in print (or audio).

Leggy: That makes sense. I could still feel her pain that she lost her mom at the point where they were transitioning from mother-daughter to friends. Also, hearing all the things her mother fought for in regards to women’s rights was very inspiring.

Taynement: Yes, agreed. Another thing I enjoyed about the book were the transitions. For example, connecting her depression when her mom died to discovering the Housewives, which is now a huge part of her life. Was there anything you didn’t particularly enjoy?

Leggy: Yes, that was very well done. I didn’t enjoy all the white guilt. All the acknowledgement of white privilege was too much for me. I was like girl, please. That’s why I gave her 3 stars the first time. I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes but the second time I listened to it, I guess I knew they were coming so they just kind of rolled off me.

Taynement: I agree. It was very heavy handed. I feel like I’ve always known she was cooky or a little lost but this book confirmed it with all the things she spends her money on. Example – the flywheel stories and comparing it to a cult. But I will say, the stories of her parents provide context as to her kookiness.

Leggy: Lmaooo. All the things she believes in and spends money on, I was like girl, you’re a scammer’s dream.

Taynement: Absolutely. Even though I didn’t love it as much as you do, I think it was interesting enough but I do wonder if anyone who has no prior knowledge of Casey Wilson would be interested?

Leggy: I don’t know how they would be, to be honest. I do follow someone on bookstagram who loved the book even though she had never listened to her podcast, so who knows?

Taynement: To be fair, she does have a niche following especially if you loved Happy Endings or her current show Black Monday.

Leggy: Happy Endings was my introduction to her. You’re the one who introduced me to Bitch Sesh!

Taynement: I know!

Leggy: Would you recommend this to someone who knows Casey?

Taynement: I’m honestly not sure. I don’t think I found it riveting. I have a friend who knows her, listens to her podcast but has no interest in the book and she is an avid reader. Gun to my head, I’ll probably say no. There was nothing extraordinary about it.

Leggy: Oh wow. I feel like my enjoyment of this book is pretty personal. If I was asked why I loved it so much I think a big part would be the performance of it. It’s very well read. Would I have had the same experience if I had read this one on paper? I don’t know.

Taynement: If anyone who has no Casey Wilson background reads this or has read this let us know your thoughts on the book!

Leggy & Taynement.

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