Taynement: Hi, My name is Taynement.

Leggy: And I’m Leggy.

Taynement: – So…Leggy and I spend a huge amount of time chatting shit. But a portion of that time is devoted to us bitching or praising or recommending one book or the other to each other.

Leggy: And I think our entire friendship was built on bashing books…and gossiping but mostly books.

Taynement: Ha ha. True. Anyways, a good number of people also enjoy reading. So we decided to start a blog to invite a few more people into our conversations and have more view points and recommendations.

Leggy: So this is an introduction to our reading lives and our sincere opinion on all things books. We understand that art is very subjective so we hope this becomes a thriving community filled with different opinions and conversations about books and reading. Enjoy!


My first memory of books was this mini library my mom had in her room in the form of a bookshelf. It was white with sliding glass doors. I remember not being allowed to read certain books – which of course, as a curious child,  I made sure I read (granted, i didn’t understand what I was reading. I mean, why was a woman excited to be spanked??)

I stuck to more age appropriate books and devoured the Sweet Valley Highs and Enid Blyton classics like most Nigerian kids. It was fun. This was how I discovered how books had the ability to take me to a different place. It made me want to be in different locations and dream beyond my little corner of the world in Nigeria. Books also helped me expand my vocabulary and back then when there was use for them, my dictionary was heavily utilized.

As I have grown older, reading for pleasure is a habit that I still have. At any given time, I am sure to have a book on hand. And yes, I am one of those who has moved strictly to ebook reading. Holding a physical book just feels weird to me now. I still enjoy being transported. I still enjoy learning. I still enjoy living through characters that live completely different lives from me.

I hope to share this love of books with whoever reads this blog. Both book lovers and dabblers alike. Hopefully you find something that catches your fancy and we can chat about it.

Happy Reading!!

I don’t remember the first book I ever read or the first time I started reading. In all my earliest memories, I already had a book in my hands. I come from a family of readers from my mother to all my siblings, we are all avid readers and have always been. Growing up I read so many grown up books that probably were not age appropriate.

I read Shakespeare and Animal Farm waaaay too young. I remember reading an erotica novel at like 9 but I only just realized it was an erotica novel looking back because then I thought it was just a romance novel, I went through a mills and boon phase, did the Sweet Valley High and Babysitters Club circuit, I loved the Pacesetters books, hated the R. L. Stine books then moved on to literary fiction. I think non fiction became an add-on of wanting to be grown in my rotation.

So obviously, reading is and has always been an intricate part of my life.

This website is the extension of my love for book discussions. I can talk books for hours especially if I hate said books and I hate soooo many books. Taynement and I have built a friendship off of talking about books and we are hoping to share that love with everybody who decides to stop by.

I hope you are willing to dive into this journey with us and that this grows to be a community of lovers of all kinds of literature. Welcome to Two Nightstands!!


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Taynement & Leggy



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